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About Sensei Dan & TheDOJO

Sensei Dan Rominski is a Martial Artist & Sensei at TheDOJO, his martial arts school in Rutherford NJ.  With over 20 years experience he not only teaches the punches & kicks of the martial arts but he also teaches people of all ages how to manifest the qualities of the martial arts outside of the realm of a punch kick or throw.   We like to call it out of TheDOJO & into the WORLD!  Through interesting projects & ideas he teaches his students to “make a difference” by not only executing beautiful and proficient mart art techniques but by also executing beautiful and proficient ideas through the power of taking action.   TheDOJO is “co-operated”  with Sensei Dan Rominski & his wife Kim Christian.

TheDOJO 52 Park Avenue Rutehrford NJ 07070 USA (201) 933-3050 Email   SenseiDan@TheDOJO.org

Visit our Website at TheDOJO.org

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